Must Listen: Lastlings Debut “Take My Hand” via Astralwerks

Aussie-Japanese brother and sister duo Lastlings announced their signing to Astralwerks Records with their debut single “Take My Hand,” their first release of 2020. The sound of Amy and Josh Dowdle’s shared project of nearly five years seems to be evolving, now sharing a sonic identity similar to electronic acts like Camelphat, Lane 8, and Rufus Du Sol. “Take My Hand” showcases a darker, more house-leaning approach to their production while maintaining the pop-sensible indietronic sound that has drawn attention to Lastlings from around the globe.

Check out the perfectly futuristic music video, conceptualized by Amy and Josh alongside Jonty Bell, and executed by Director/Producer duo Marcus Butler and Alicia Rashleigh Butler. The video themes around love and loss, particularly focusing on re-united those who aren’t ready to be separated by the confines of time and space.


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