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Watch: Jax Jones Reveals Unreleased Song “Tequila” ft. RAYE at Elsewhere


Jax Jones unveiled a brand new song during his live show at Elsewhere in Brooklyn on Saturday night. Featuring RAYE, who also sings his hit single “You Don’t Know Me,” the new song, “Tequila” is bound to be just as huge.

The song’s catchy pre-chorus begs fans to chant along “One shot / two shot / three shot / four shot / I think that you need some more shots” then leads into the drop with “Take it to the motherfucking dance floor!” before a characteristically bass-heavy, uptempo Jax Jones drop. The song’s energy is infectious, and RAYE’s voice and attitude perfectly matches the production.

Interview: Meet the New Rising Prince of Pop, Isaac Dunbar

Age is but a number for Isaac Dunbar, who’s already out here breaking on to the music scene in a major way. The 15-year-old budding star hasn’t even been to prom yet, but three singles into his career, his thoughtfulness and wisdom shine both in his music and in conversation. He’s already proving that he’s well-positioned to take a shot at the pop throne in the coming years, and he’s not even creating music full-time, yet.

Right now, he’s in the middle of his high school career, complete with all of its struggles – just listen to “freshman year” – but he’s already got his sights set on touring, modeling, and even starting his own fashion brand. This ambitious teen is ready to become a creative powerhouse, and if his newest release “mime” is any indication, he’s going to be hard to stop once the wheels really get rolling.

Check out the video for Dunbar’s single and our Q&A below the jump:

EB: What was your inspiration for writing “mime?” It seems like a retrospective on a really bad breakup from an emotionally manipulative person.

ID: The inspiration behind “mime” was derived from a relationship that my best friend’s sister was in during the summer of 2018. It was a very nasty and toxic relationship where everyone could see all of the symptoms of this guy being absolutely terrible, so I wrote this song as an empowering gift to her.

EB: Are love songs are easier to write in the heat of the moment?

ID: Never. Not for me, at least. I am a very observant person, and I try to put myself in the shoes of everyone in a situation. When in the heat of the moment, most people act very impulsive and never capture the full picture of a situation because there are so many emotions in the way! So I usually like to wait months after something happens to really tell the story in a perfect and alternative way.

EB: In each of your music videos you seem to be a natural with an engaging on-camera personality. Have you always felt comfortable in front of a camera, or did it take getting used to?

ID: Actually until about eighth or ninth grade, I HATED having photographs taken of me – never mind filming music videos for possibly billions of people to see! Growing up, I was always on the heavier side so I faced a lot of insecurities within myself, but I finally got over them and I got used to being myself in front of the camera. One of my favorite aspects of being able to do what I do is actually filming videos and having photo shoots! I never would’ve thought that three years ago.


Hear ye, fans of Chloe Lilac, we have finally found a male counterpart worthy of high praise within the bedroom pop scene: Isaac Dunbar.

EB: In terms of your growth as a songwriter and singer, how has being in high school changed your perspective on relationships, self-confidence and your own personal goals?

ID: Being in high school has showed me that people are constantly changing. Always. It showed me that people may feel a certain way for a minute and believe that’s how they’ll feel for the rest of their lives – but then the next day they’ll feel a completely different way. That can connect to my songwriting because it helps me feel the complexity of situations, and how emotions are so fluid.

For example, if I went through a situation where someone talked bad about me, I could write a song about how angry and bitter I might be at the person. But then, the next day I might write a song about how I feel remorse for them because they might have stuff going on at home. It’s crazy how situational songs can have two sides to them, if you think hard enough.

EB: If you weren’t pursuing music as a profession, what do you think you’d be doing for a career?

ID: I would probably be either a chef or a stylist. I still want to go to F.I.T. and study Business in Fashion and Fashion Design so I can create an independent clothing brand while also doing music.

Check out more from Isaac Dunbar on SoundCloud and YouTube:



Utah Native OSTON’s New Single “give up” is Indie Pop Goodness

Chicago transplant and Park City, Utah native, OSTON (Austin Wolfe) released her second single today, “give up.”

The song touches on the topics of toxicity and abusive relationships. It speaks of fantasy-filled relationships where a couple believes together that they’ve built a beautiful foundation, but behind closed doors the relationship is riddled with manipulation and jealousy.

For the past three years, she has been mentored by and collaborated with some of the music industry’s best producers and artists. In 2018, she even won an A&R showcase with executives from Disney and EMPIRE which put her music onto Radio Disney across the U.S., and will see perform on the main stage at Taste of Chicago Festival this summer.

New Music: Listen to Up-And-Coming Pop Singer Ruuth’s Debut Single, “All About”

Meet Alina Paulsen, aka Ruuth, the 22-year-old German singer-songwriter hailing from the small island Wyk auf Föhr off the coast of Germany and Denmark. Currently based in Berlin, Ruuth released her debut single, “All About”, across all streaming platforms this past Friday.

Written in Los Angeles with CRØW and Nate Flaks, “All About” is a sultry single that blends oceanic beats with her beautiful soprano vocals laid effortlessly across the top of a bouncy beat that keeps the song feeling upbeat despite the 72 BPM rhythm.

This feel-good jam, her first single, is only the beginning for Ruuth. Following an April feature, “Down”, with EDM producer Lucian (of Trndsttr fame), “All About” kicks off a 2018 that’s set to see eight more original singles from the up-and-coming German songstress. If “All About” and “Down” is just the start, I’m anxiously waiting to see what comes next.

Listen to “All About”:

 Want more Ruuth? Listen to “Down” by Lucian, featuring Ruuth’s vocals:


Fresh Finds Roundup – April

Here are my top new music finds from April via browsing music on SoundCloud and Spotify! Shoutouts to Matt Maeson for his EP “The Hearse” and ZHU for his EP “RINGO’S DESERT PT. 1”

Song of the Day: “Warm Fire Lightning (Flip)” by Ninajirachi #Review

“Warm Fire Lightning (Flip)” is the latest song from Ninajirachi, the 18 year-old Australian future bass wunderkind. It’s also Early Bird’s song of the day.

Ninajirachi may be new to the scene, but the second I discovered her song on Spotify’s “Metropolis” playlist, I was hooked. When I find new artists or songs that I love, I immediately correct course to head down the rabbit hole of their artist page, to discover what else I might find. On my dig, I found “Same World” and her remix of “Waste Time” by Kilter, but I kept coming back to “Warm Fire Lightning” as the song that invaded my Monday. I don’t know how many times I’ve played it today, but it’s an embarrassing amount. Actually, check that – I’m not embarrassed. I loved it so much that I sent it to ten different friends who I consider to be my “music appreciation dream team”. The last time I jammed to a song like this and said “everyone’s gotta know about this” was Lauv’s “I Like Me Better”, in spring of last year.

The original song, “Warm Fire Lightning” was performed by Satellite Mode, a New York based indie electro-pop duo. Listen to the original:

Ninajirachi took it, and as the title suggests, flipped that song on its head, dropped the beats per minute, added more percussion and threw down a drop, rather than the Florence A.T.M.-esque atmospheric driving beat present in the original. With less than 7,000 streams, “Warm Fire Lightning (Flip)” is the definition of what an Early Bird discovery ideally looks like. Needless to say, I’m excited I found it, and I am impressed. So much, in fact, that I’ll be catching up with Nina this Wednesday for an exclusive interview. Stay tuned for the feature.

Ninajirachi has around 3,000 followers on SoundCloud and 184k monthly listeners globally on Spotify.

Check out “Warm Fire Lightning (Flip)” and the more by Ninajirachi:
“Warm Fire Lightning (Flip)” on Spotify: