NYC’s Rebounder Tap Billy Lemos for Dance Remix of “Lovers”

NYC’s Bodega Bad Boys are back with a fresh remix of their latest single, “Lovers,” bringing Chicago multi-instrumentalist Billy Lemos into the fold. Unlike a typical remix that adds a guest verse or simply puts their own take on the production over the same vocal track, Lemos fully reimagines “Lovers” and turns it into an upbeat, dance-version of itself and omits the vocals entirely.

What’s left is a synth-poppy dance groove that sounds like a nod to early Louis the Child. Whether the Chicago-bred duo actually inspired Lemos is unknown, but the DNA is certainly there.

Give the song a listen and check out the lyric video below:


Gallery: SAYGRACE @ Mercury Lounge (10 Photos)

On Thursday night, Aussie singer-songwriter SAYGRACE performed in front of an intimate crowd at Mercury Lounge in NYC. Her performance comes three weeks after the release of her debut album The Defining Moments of SAYGRACE: Girlhood, Fuckboys and Situationships, a relatable pop album that shows off her soulful voice and transparent personality.

Check out the album on Spotify:

Gallery: J.I The Prince of N.Y @ SOB’s (15 Pictures)

© 2020 Early Bird Music / Jim Michaels (Photos 1-11) © 2020 Calvin Schneider (Photos 12-15)

On Monday night, S.O.B.’s announced that Brooklyn-born rapper J.I was the only artist to ever sell out three nights in a row at the venue. The rising rapper’s popularity is at an all-time high after his recent songs “Blame on Me” and “Need Me” have been making waves over the web.

J.I first came into the rap spotlight in 2016 at just 15-years-old, when he was selected as a contestant on the second season of Lifetime’s popular reality TV series ‘The Rap Game.”


Check out his latest EP Hood Life Krisis Vol. 2 below, and follow our Early Bird Radio playlist to stay up to date with new music from J.I and many other rising artists.

Highlights: SiR @ Brooklyn Steel (Photos)


SiR was chasing Summer in the Winter at Brooklyn Steel on Tuesday night, keeping the crowd engaged with his distinct style of alternative R&B. His energy was palpable and translated well to the crowd, who created an environment of peace and relaxation as they enjoyed his latest songs off of his third studio album Chasing Summer.

The 33 year-old crooner’s bright personality was on full display all night as he engaged his crowd, keeping everyone smiling and singing along with him. During the set, he even brought up one lucky fan to help sing “Ooh Nah Nah” as a duet with him, fulfilling her wildest dreams, and took the opportunity to borrow a few hits of a fan’s blunt directly from the crowd.

He also surprised fans with a few guests throughout the night, first beginning with his brother, rapper D Smoke, who recently was crowned winner of Netflix’s first annual hip-hop talent competition, Rhythm and Flow. If that wasn’t enough, fans exploded to see fellow TDE labelmate and 9-time Grammy nominated singer SZA come out, who danced along on stage during a few late songs before SiR eventually ended the night with crowd favorite jam “D’Evils.”

Check out highlights from the show in the slideshow below:

Highlights: Hozier @ Hammerstein Ballroom (20 Photos)


Focusing mainly on songs from his sophomore album, Hozier effortlessly belted his latest songs for the sold-out crowd at Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom on Saturday night, including huge songs like “Nina Cried Power,” “Movement,” and “Almost (Sweet Music)” – not coincidentally the first three songs on his latest hit record.

It’s truly impressive to watch Hozier sing on stage, as it seems like he’s barely even trying, yet sounds as good if not better than his records. Hozier doesn’t just sing his songs – he gets creative with their arrangements as well. Unafraid of riffing and playing with the tempo of his songs in a live setting, Hozier’s live style adds both a degree of tension and invokes a sense of awe from the crowd, as he playfully dances away from tempos and perfectly syncopated lines that fans know in his recordings, adding some extra spice to the live show.

During the middle of the set, for instance, playing the popular “From Eden” off of his debut album, Hozier slowed the tempo down to nearly half time so that fans would feel the emotionality of the song, in what was likely the original tempo he wrote it in. While sometimes difficult for fans to keep singing at the slower tempo, it showcased the integrity in his voice and his clever lyricism on which he’s built his acclaim.

Not alone on stage, the show was full of energy propelled by Hozier’s incredible live band, which consisted of at least seven members that I could count, including: himself, drums, percussion, keys, piano, bass, and rhythm/strings. Each member was a talented musician in their own right, displaying their own personalities throughout each song, which made it even more enjoyable to watch Hozier as a band, and not just a solo artist.

On top of Hozier’s singularly recognizable voice and the prowess of his band, clever lyric videos added visual appeal and encouraged the crowd to sing along during songs like “Almost (Sweet Music),” while videos from real protests and social justice moments flashed throughout “Nina Cried Power,” and a recurring wall + window visual set a scene mimicking the bedroom in his Wasteland, Baby! album announcement video.

All of these visual elements combined with the live energy built a story alongside Hozier’s words and created an immersive, and truly connected experience for fans that furthered the depth at which they could experience Hozier’s music all night long.


Hozier's Wasteland, Baby! setlist from November 23, 2019 at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom.
Hozier’s Wasteland, Baby! setlist // 11-23-2019

Hozier’s Wasteland, Baby! U.S. tour wraps up on Tuesday night with a fifth and final show at Hammerstein Ballroom – resale tickets are still available in limited quantities.

Highlights: Winnetka Bowling League @ Webster Hall (14 Photos)

Matthew Koma – yes, the same Matthew Koma that collabed with Zedd for some of the 2010’s most iconic EDM hits – is now the lead singer of a band. That band is LA-based outfit Winnetka Bowling League, and includes his brother Kris Mazzarisi, singer/instrumentalist Maddie Jay, and keys player Sam Beresford.

The quarter combine to create indie-leaning rock that’s reminiscent of some of the more iconic bands of the past decade. Songs “Kombucha” and “Diane” channel the energy and lyrical versatility of garage-band era Cage the Elephant, and tunes like “On The 5” and “Slow Dances” evoke Contra-esque Vampire Weekend vibes. Not bad company at all.

Check out their latest EP Cloudy With A Chance Of Sun and photo highlights in the gallery below.

Highlights: Melanie Martinez K-12 Tour @ Hammerstein Ballroom (26 Photos)


New York-native and platinum-certified recording artist Melanie Martinez came through Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom on Tuesday night amidst her K-12 Tour. The 24 year-old Martinez, a former contestant on NBC’s The Voice, released her sophomore album K-12 in early September of this year, with an accompanying film of the same name.

Amazon Prime members can stream the full-length K-12 film online via Prime Video.

The full-length film K-12, which has already been viewed over 30 million times on YouTube alone, serves as the visual backbone to Martinez’s live show. To make sense of what’s going during her show, you must truly know the film and Martinez’ music – this isn’t really a concert for casual fans.

Effectively a live re-adaptation of the 92-minute K-12 film, the theatrical show combines a dizzying array of props, a full cast, numerous costume changes and a giant LED screen to set the scene for each song. From start to finish, you feel as if you are living out the 13-song album as a broadway play.


Check out photo highlights and a review from the show below, which chronicles a portion of the K-12 storyline (The Principal/Show & Tell/Nurse’s Office).

Music Video Monday: ZHU, Conan Gray, Tyga, ROLE MODEL

ZHU is back with a brand new deep house banger, “Came For The Low.” The video, directed by Jack Murgatroyd, takes place outside of Area 51 and includes striking visuals like flashing strobes, gas masks, and a future-apocalyptica vibe to it. Its dark moodiness combined with the edginess of ZHU’s production make for a video that you won’t look away from. If this is the new ZHU, we’re all in for it.

Gallery: Sabrina Claudio and Gallant @ Hammerstein Ballroom (30 Photos)

Photos by Grace Prachthauser (@graceprock) for Early Bird Music:

Urban contemporary queen Sabrina Claudio brought her sultry Truth Is Tour to Hammerstein Ballroom, with Grammy-nominated R&B crooner Gallant along as the opener.

Both artists performed new music from their sophomore LPs – Claudio’s Truth Is and Gallant’s Sweet Insomnia, both out now on all music platforms.

Sabrina Claudio:

Review: BENEE @ Rough Trade (24 Photos)

Completely uninhibited by any instincts of self-preservation or pretention, 19-year-old Stella Bennett is comfortable on stage in a way most brand-new artists would kill for: she’s devoid of nerves as she stands in front of 250 fans at Brooklyn’s Rough Trade, despite being on her first-ever live tour run roughly 9,000 miles away from her home in New Zealand.

BENEE’s carefree attitude on-stage ensures everyone has already checked their ego at the door – this is a safe space. It’s that way because BENEE doesn’t even seem to register her status as one of the most buzzed-about rising “anti-pop” stars: she’s making quirky music that’s born of the internet but certainly doesn’t just live and die there – this music has legs. Combining fun storytelling with shimmery production, BENEE’s brand of pop ends up replaying itself over and over in your head.

As she panders between songs, BENEE’s down-under Kiwi dialect serves as a device for breaking down any sense of awkwardness that you might expect from a rookie artist, by turning each transition into a moment for her to charm the sympathy out of you. The overall production of her show isn’t flashy, but each gem of a moment, and each little quip reminds you that BENEE doesn’t care about making a big affair out of any of this – she’s just having fun being a goof, embracing each silly moment.

Whether fumbling mightily for the right words to properly translate her Aussie-english phrases like “sleep-out” (guest house) or referring to her own corny dad-jokes with the self-reflective, yet laughable “that’s SO cheese!” you can’t help but love the moments between each of her songs because she’s a perfect example of what the new generation of music’s anti-stars embody: relatability. The crowd feels like they’re a part of the show, not just there to worship their new favorite singer (even though they do.)

Whether fumbling mightily for the right words to properly translate her Aussie-english phrases like “sleep-out” (guest house) or referring to her own corny dad-jokes with the self-reflective, yet laughable “that’s SO cheese!” you can’t help but love the moments between each of her songs because she’s a perfect example of what the new generation of music’s anti-stars embody: relatability. The crowd feels like they’re a part of the show, not just there to worship their new favorite singer (even though they do.)

Along with every bop from her debut EP Fire on Marzz, BENEE also played some new tunes, like her latest bop “Find An Island,” and noted that the unreleased music isn’t far from being in the hands of her emerging fan base. Expect another fun, light-hearted EP from BENEE before 2019 wraps up.

Check out photos from the show and her latest EP below:

Gallery (Slideshow):