Must Listen: Lastlings Debut “Take My Hand” via Astralwerks

Aussie-Japanese brother and sister duo Lastlings announced their signing to Astralwerks Records with their debut single “Take My Hand,” their first release of 2020. The sound of Amy and Josh Dowdle’s shared project of nearly five years seems to be evolving, now sharing a sonic identity similar to electronic acts like Camelphat, Lane 8, and Rufus Du Sol. “Take My Hand” showcases a darker, more house-leaning approach to their production while maintaining the pop-sensible indietronic sound that has drawn attention to Lastlings from around the globe.

Check out the perfectly futuristic music video, conceptualized by Amy and Josh alongside Jonty Bell, and executed by Director/Producer duo Marcus Butler and Alicia Rashleigh Butler. The video themes around love and loss, particularly focusing on re-united those who aren’t ready to be separated by the confines of time and space.

Music Video Monday: ZHU, Conan Gray, Tyga, ROLE MODEL

ZHU is back with a brand new deep house banger, “Came For The Low.” The video, directed by Jack Murgatroyd, takes place outside of Area 51 and includes striking visuals like flashing strobes, gas masks, and a future-apocalyptica vibe to it. Its dark moodiness combined with the edginess of ZHU’s production make for a video that you won’t look away from. If this is the new ZHU, we’re all in for it.

Watch: DJ Snake’s Tasty, Fiery “Fuego” Video is Finally Here

Anitta looks fuego, Sean Paul and DJ Snake look fuego, the video’s visuals are muy fuego, … no need to waste any more time – JUST WATCH:

This video is a tour de force of creativity, combining the incredible production of DJ Snake (with the sultry vocals in english AND spanish) of Brazilian superstar Anitta, and one the millenium’s biggest icons in Sean Paul – and everyone delivers. Complete with backup dancers, hair flipping, sexy closeups of Anitta, and lots of fire, there’s nothing else they could have done to make this video incredible. 10s across the board.

Watch: Young Bombs Show Off “Loyal” Adoptable Puppies In Latest Video


Electronic production duo Young Bombs have finally dropped the music video to their great new single “Loyal,” and, boy (no pun intended,) it does not disappoint. Complete with feature singer GiGi and a slew of adorable rescue puppies, the cuddly video has a DIY aesthetic that makes the entire video feel very authentic and fits the feel-good nature of the song. Check out the video below – I’ve watched it at least six times in a row at this point.

To adopt any of the puppies in the video, visit

Music Video Monday: French Montana, Camila Cabello, Bea Miller, and more

French Montana x Post Malone x Nicki Minaj – “Writing on the Wall”

Post Malone continues his global dominance with a star-studded feature on French Montana’s “Writing on the Wall” alongside Nicki Minaj, who looks absolutely steamy in white and black lingerie.


Camilla Cabello – “Liar”


Bea Miller x Snakehips – “NEVER GONNA LIKE YOU”

“this song is about one person but i wanted to make the video about everyone. i think we all go through phases of believing that if the rest of the world could see who we really are, they wouldn’t like us. we compare our own lives to others but forget that when we do that we’re only seeing a small portion, not necessarily who someone really is and what they’re going through.” – Bea Miller




Music Video Monday: Normani, PVRIS, Gabriel Black, Doja Cat

This Friday was a gold mine for anyone who appreciates a good music video – check out our favorites from this week below.

Normani – “Motivation”: The jaw-dropping music video, directed by the legendary Dave Meyers (“Bad Guy,” “Sicko Mode,” “God Is A Woman,” and many more) showcases Normani’s insane level of talent in all of its forms: athleticism, dancing, singing, and charisma. By all accounts, this song + video are catapulting Normani into her true “Star” phase. If you’re catching “Beyonce” vibes, it’s because this song feels a lot like “Check On It” (and Normani is also from Houston.)


PVRIS – “Hallucinations”: Prepare yourself for some crazy visuals: PVRIS has released their second single of 2019, “Hallucinations,” which turns an exciting new page for the Boston alt-rock group. A dark, synth-heavy rock record, “Hallucinations” needed an edgy music video to match. What the group came up with is a perfect representation of the song’s identity, being equally as trippy as it is powerful.


Gabriel Black – “Dead Yet ft. Phem”: One of our favorite songs this year, “Dead Yet” is a perfect coming of age anthem that captures the feeling of teen boredom and existentialism (probably why it was used in HBO’s “Euphoria.”) The video furthers that narrative, themed around a house party and struggling teenage romance.


Doja Cat x Tyga – “Juicy”: Doja Cat added Tyga on the track to her already fun “Juicy” – can you even ask for more?


PRETTYMUCH – “Rock Witchu”: The boys from PRETTYMUCH show off their dance skills with their latest music video for the groovy “Rock Witchu.”


Check out more of our favorite music videos on our playlist:


Watch: Hero The Band Revive Arena Rock Vibes with “Back To Myself”

Decatur, Georgia isn’t exactly the place you’d expect to find a bubbling rock act, but four-piece outfit Hero The Band aren’t your average band. Made up of four brothers each born a year apart, – Justin Barnett aka Ocean [vocals, lead guitar], Jerramy Barnett aka Goku Love [vocals, bass], DJ Barnett aka BamBam [vocals, drums], and Nick Barnett aka Nicky Jupiter [guitar, keys] – the group have managed to piece together a singular sound that shines in their latest single “Back To Myself.”

Having grown up on rock ranging from Queen to Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, The Beatles, Rush, and even The Fray, “Back To Myself” showcases the influences of the brothers Barnett while presenting a fresh sound and alternative facets that makes it stand out among a lot of today’s rock.

© 2019 Republic Records // Photo by Meredith Truax

Watch: “Old Town Road” Video Features Star-Filled Ensemble of Cameos


“Old Town Road” seems to be the gift that keeps on giving in 2019. First, the song became a global smash after its Red Dead Redemption-filled viral video blew up, sending it to the top of the charts. Then, we were graced with the original viral-man himself, Billy Ray Cyrus, on the official remix. Now, we’ve got the official MOVIE for the remix, and it capitalizes on the song’s natural virality and Lil Nas X’s cowboy-rapper identity in the perfect way.

More than a simple music video, the movie includes a who’s-who of celebrities, including comedians Chris Rock and HaHa Davis, Vince Staples, Rico Nasty, Diplo, and of course Lil Nas and Billy Ray themselves.

The video peppers in their appearances with the perfect amount of comedic draw combined with storytelling, as Chris Rock opens the story chasing Lil Nas, a bandit who’s run off with a pile of cash, set all the way back in 1889. Later, once Lil Nas X time-travels into present day, he races Vince Staples on his horse vs. Staples car – and of course, wins even more cash.

A freshly-outfitted Lil Nas X then heads to a community center with Billy Ray (who has also somehow arrived in the future) in Billy Ray’s Maserati, where you see a rainbow-haired Rico Nasty give the two cowboys a dirty look before Billy Ray performs his solo on stage, accompanied by cowboy Diplo (embodying his new country-project persona, Thomas Wesley) on a washing board.

The video is a laugh from start to finish, extremely well-done, and it’s clearly pushing the song further into the stratosphere – the movie has nearly 50 million views in its first three days, and if the song’s rise has been any indication, it’s not coming down any time soon.

Watch: Moby Rich “Sabotage” Themselves in Latest Music Video

For Fans of: Twenty One Pilots, MGMT, Yoshi Flower, Jagwar Twin, Call Me KarizmaGrandson, BROODS


Exciting alternative duos are hard to come by these days. Outside of The Black Keys and Twenty One Pilots, there hasn’t been an act in the space to really break through in years with a new and intriguing approach. Moby Rich may have just thrown down the gauntlet though, with their sophomore single “Sabotage.” The music video, released today, further introduces the world to Maxwell Joseph and Connor Pledger, whose newest single follows up their successful fall debut and breakout single “Yoko Ono.”

Filled with self-aware angst, “Sabotage” is a hands-aloft ode to fucking up royally; a cathartic anthem for a generation faced with obstacles. It’s dark and brooding identity instantly stands out among a sea of today’s same-sounding alternative music, as its pulsating, bassline and catchy hook create an earworm of an anthem that’s as captivating musically as it is relatable.

The duo, who met over open-mic nights in Connor’s hometown Atlanta, instantly connected and found synergies in their sound and approach, ultimately deciding to move to LA to pursue a joint project. The two budding stars sing every song in unison, a sort of whole-is-greater-than-the-sum-of-parts attitude.

“Sabotage” sets the stage for Moby Rich’s upcoming project to be released this summer.

Watch: Greyson Chance Performs “shut up” Stripped Down

Remember Greyson Chance? Yeah, the 14 year-old kid who sang Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” on Ellen that went viral is back in 2019 with a brand new album, portraits, which includes his hit lead single “shut up.” Recently Greyson performed the song for Vevo at their studios in a stripped down version using just a guitar, and the song is outstanding – check out the video below.

Listen to Greyson’s new album portraits: