Music Video Monday: ZHU, Conan Gray, Tyga, ROLE MODEL

ZHU is back with a brand new deep house banger, “Came For The Low.” The video, directed by Jack Murgatroyd, takes place outside of Area 51 and includes striking visuals like flashing strobes, gas masks, and a future-apocalyptica vibe to it. Its dark moodiness combined with the edginess of ZHU’s production make for a video that you won’t look away from. If this is the new ZHU, we’re all in for it.

Music Video Monday: Normani, PVRIS, Gabriel Black, Doja Cat

This Friday was a gold mine for anyone who appreciates a good music video – check out our favorites from this week below.

Normani – “Motivation”: The jaw-dropping music video, directed by the legendary Dave Meyers (“Bad Guy,” “Sicko Mode,” “God Is A Woman,” and many more) showcases Normani’s insane level of talent in all of its forms: athleticism, dancing, singing, and charisma. By all accounts, this song + video are catapulting Normani into her true “Star” phase. If you’re catching “Beyonce” vibes, it’s because this song feels a lot like “Check On It” (and Normani is also from Houston.)


PVRIS – “Hallucinations”: Prepare yourself for some crazy visuals: PVRIS has released their second single of 2019, “Hallucinations,” which turns an exciting new page for the Boston alt-rock group. A dark, synth-heavy rock record, “Hallucinations” needed an edgy music video to match. What the group came up with is a perfect representation of the song’s identity, being equally as trippy as it is powerful.


Gabriel Black – “Dead Yet ft. Phem”: One of our favorite songs this year, “Dead Yet” is a perfect coming of age anthem that captures the feeling of teen boredom and existentialism (probably why it was used in HBO’s “Euphoria.”) The video furthers that narrative, themed around a house party and struggling teenage romance.


Doja Cat x Tyga – “Juicy”: Doja Cat added Tyga on the track to her already fun “Juicy” – can you even ask for more?


PRETTYMUCH – “Rock Witchu”: The boys from PRETTYMUCH show off their dance skills with their latest music video for the groovy “Rock Witchu.”


Check out more of our favorite music videos on our playlist:


Watch: Jax Jones Reveals Unreleased Song “Tequila” ft. RAYE at Elsewhere


Jax Jones unveiled a brand new song during his live show at Elsewhere in Brooklyn on Saturday night. Featuring RAYE, who also sings his hit single “You Don’t Know Me,” the new song, “Tequila” is bound to be just as huge.

The song’s catchy pre-chorus begs fans to chant along “One shot / two shot / three shot / four shot / I think that you need some more shots” then leads into the drop with “Take it to the motherfucking dance floor!” before a characteristically bass-heavy, uptempo Jax Jones drop. The song’s energy is infectious, and RAYE’s voice and attitude perfectly matches the production.

Watch: Greyson Chance Performs “shut up” Stripped Down

Remember Greyson Chance? Yeah, the 14 year-old kid who sang Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” on Ellen that went viral is back in 2019 with a brand new album, portraits, which includes his hit lead single “shut up.” Recently Greyson performed the song for Vevo at their studios in a stripped down version using just a guitar, and the song is outstanding – check out the video below.

Listen to Greyson’s new album portraits:

Watch: NOTD & Felix Jaehn’s “So Close” Music Video

Music Video Monday comes around with one of the biggest dance hits of the year, in NOTD and Felix Jaehn’s “So Close” featuring Georgia Ku and Captain Cuts. NOTD released a brand new artist video featuring vertical-video-gone-horizontal of everyone involved in the song – Ku, Captain Cuts, Jaehn, and the NOTD boys – all in behind-the-scenes footage that really personalizes their journeys on the road and in the studio. It stitches together each of their stories and major moments over the last year as one cohesive piece of dance-music gold:

The original music video, shot in Japan, features two strangers who connect after bumping into each other on the streets. Then, they break out into street dancing throughout Japan’s markets and malls.

Just like the song’s lyrics, there are flashbacks to their first introduction where the video started, as the two continue to separate and reconnect throughout the video. If you watch this and wish you knew how to break it down like the two dancerers featured in the video – Shiori Munakata and Yuta Nakamura – we do too.

For more dance music from artists like NOTD, Felix Jaehn, and Captain Cuts, check out Early Bird’s “Dirty Dancing” playlist on your favorite streaming platform:

Watch: James Bay Performs New Unreleased Song “Bad”

On his second night performing at NYC’s famous Beacon Theatre, James Bay surprised his crowd with a new song as an encore following a blowout performance of “Best Fake Smile.” Bay came out alone on the stage and addressed his fans before playing, telling them “I have two things on my side…the beauty is this: You don’t know the song, so if I fuck it up, you don’t know. And the other thing is, you’ve got my back, and I feel it, so thank you. So here it goes…”

Watch the full performance of “Bad” –

Review: Gavin James @ Bowery Ballroom

On Tuesday night, Irish singer-songwriter Gavin James was back in New York City, playing the Bowery Ballroom for his first show in the city in almost a year and a half. James made this a decidedly intimate show, playing solo on stage with just himself and an acoustic guitar for the majority of the 75 minute set. His setlist spanned his entire catalogue of work, with songs from his most recent album, Only Ticket Home, all the way back to the first single that pushed his part-time pub-playing gig into a real musical career, “Say Hello.”  

Throughout the night, James was candid and humorous with the crowd, detailing stories of his career and even cracking jokes at fans in the back of the room who were talking over the performance before he played one of our personal favorite singles, the ever-delicate “Hard To Do.”

What stuck out most about the performance itself was how true James’ voice was to his recordings – every note and bit of his tone was as true live as it was on his records, making you feel as though you were watching a recording session in the studio with him. As I was downstairs nearing the end of the show, James was playing his single “Cigarette Break,” and the sound over the venues speakers was so pure that it was indiscernable from the studio record itself.

With each of Gavin’s songs, you could tell they were written from a very real, very personal life experience and perspective. He noted that he plays each of his songs for his parents before ever deciding if he’ll go on to release the record, and that level of personal investment is evident in every word and melody he writes.

Check out photo highlights from the show below, and watch his entire performance of “Hard To Do”:

Watch: Doja Cat’s “Tia Tamera” is a Colorful Treat

Doja Cat never fails to entertain, does she? The “Mooo!” star, who’s racked up 40M streams on the viral video, is back with her latest single and music video, “Tia Tamera” featuring Rico Nasty. The colorful and entertaining video adds another element to the clever-yet-raunchy lyrics and trap-heavy beat that makes you want to go-off.

After watching this (and then rewatching a few more times), we want Doja Cat and Rico Nasty to get their own reality show, ASAP. These two are entertainers to the core, no matter what they’re up to.

Interview: Yoshi Flower Opens Up About His Midwest Roots & Influences

Since signing a deal with Interscope Records in August of 2018, Detroit-native Yoshi Flower (born Josh Smith) has been on a roll. In October, he released his debut project, the 13-track American Raver Mixtape, while on tour across the United States with singer/songwriter/producer SG Lewis. The mixtape cleverly reworks the USA Pledge of Allegiance into a narrative that commentates on his own experiences while growing up in an average middle-class Midwest American family.

With the music from American Raver being shared along each stop of the tour, Yoshi’s visibility rose quickly. With a growing fan base that appreciated his ability to create relatable music that defied the convention of genre, he’s gone from the relatively anonymous “Who?” opener on tickets as support, to a budding and innovative musician making a name for himself in his own self-defined league.

Of late, Yoshi Flower has been headlining his own American Raver LIVE tour in January and February across select US cities in support of the project. He’s also just released his first track of the new year this past Friday, “Dirty Water.” Combining live bass (a first for him) under a delicate guitar riff, the song eases its way through the verses but builds quickly at the chorus, culminating with Yoshi’s near-screaming vocals, invoking chills as the track’s emotion translates through your body.

Watch my interview with Yoshi Flower below, where he discusses staying focused on his own art, growing up “in the middle,” and the genres that have had a lasting impact on his musical taste.

Highlights: Le Youth @ Elsewhere

LA-based DJ/producer Le Youth lit up the night at Elsewhere in Brooklyn on Saturday with his DJ set, playing for well over two hours to an excited, Santa-hat-laden crowd. The night of New York’s infamous Santa-Con was a late one, with the set running from 1:00am to nearly 4:00am. The late show didn’t seem to phase fans, though, as they stuck around well beyond the end of the set to hang, drink and dance. Le Youth’s set consisted of his own tracks interlaced with today’s biggest dance bangers, and even some remixed throwback classics like The Bangles’ “Walk Like An Egyptian.”

The show itself was a makeup after Le Youth’s originally slated rooftop set in August was cancelled due to inclement weather the day of the show. This recheduled December show, in Elsewhere’s largest venue, Elsewhere Hall, more than made up for the four-month delay, as both the music and visuals were captivating, incorporating unique backdrop designs and lighting in an array of colors.

Early Bird was given all-access to shoot the show and covered from all over the building. Check out photo highlights and a video recap below!